EIG specializes in transforming, defining, and delivering Enterprise Technology Solutions. We focus on finding the right answer to business challenges using innovative products and concepts to increase productivity, reduce costs through simplification and self-service models. By defining and implementing solutions that address underlying people, process, and product needs we are able to successfully deliver long-term business agility. EIG also offers support for system, software, and network for all retailers. Through the use of innovative products and our understanding of the retail sector, EIG offers both subject matter depth and quality.

best practice solutions

We support your organization in Enterprise Delivery Management, Microsoft Project Online implementation, and the adoption of delivery management leading practices integrated with Agile frameworks and tools.

We enable your business in the adoption of the latest Microsoft cloud based applications for your needs in Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Management, Human Capital Management, Field and Project Services Automation.

We provide assessment, implementation and management on how your company can leverage the incredible benefits of cloud computing with predictability and security.

Defining the technology solutions, underlying architecture and processes for IT’s long-term support of business capabilities.

Our Software Delivery team can assist in all aspects of custom software development including Solution Visioning and Design, adoption of Software Development best practices and Software Development management and engineers

Assess and drive the adoption of Business Intelligence Includes Machine Learning and Intelligence technologies

Today’s software landscape includes connections between different types of cloud, on premise and enterprise solutions. We support in engineering the integration solutions to enable the process your business need and customers demand.

OneWorldSIS delivers educational solutions that enable users and constituents to achieve the most optimal organizational processes possible.
Built on the powerful, and extendable Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, OneWorldSIS represents a paradigm shift in the way educational institutions manage the complete student lifecycle.
From recruitment to enrollment to program selection to class scheduling to alumni conversion, information is entered once and all activities tracked forever.

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